During our work we have developed the following theory (in short): The PEM (Pressure Equalizing Modules) increase the drop of the water level in the coastal profile in the period from high tide to low tide. Thus, the beach will be more effectively drained of water.

When the water level is low on the coast during the period from low tide to high tide, the water circulation in the swash zone increases, which again increases the depositing of materials on the foreshore, thereby building up the beach from the sediments transported along the coast.

Over time the new materials in the coastal profile are increasingly coarse, due to a higher speed of the underlying water in the coast profile.

The result of deploying our Pressure Equalizing Modules inside a coast profile, is a strong and very wide equilibrium profile.

To build up the dunes on the beach, we use fascines to collect the sand blown along the beach by the wind.

The Erosion Process




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