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Skagen Innovation Center is a regional development center based in the city of Skagen, located at the top of Jutland in Denmark.

The development center originates from a foundation with a base capital of DKK 500.000 with subsidies from the Danish VAT foundation, The Danish Energy Administration, The Danish Agency for Trade/Industry and the Danish Technology Innovation office.

Since July 1993, SIC has performed research in the area of environmentally friendly coastal protection methods, based on coastal drainage systems.

During this research, SIC has identified a formally unknown effect based on filter tubes placed in a matrix inside the coast profile. The effect was first demonstrated on the Gl. Skagen coastline, where the beach was significantly increased after installing the filter modules.

The same method has now been demonstrated in a number of different coastal locations, and the positive results on the beach profile have been consistent.


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 Ansvarshavende  : Poul Jakobsen, 9990 Skagen


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